Monday, August 7, 2017

Venezuela - Desperate Measures


Desperate Measures

Venezuelan authorities on Sunday quickly quashed an attempted uprising in Venezuela by a small group of rebels who tried to steal weapons from a military base near the central city of Valencia, Reuters reported.
Authorities arrested seven men in what was called “a terrorist attack.” The plotters managed to inspire protesters in the nearby town to take to the streets, but they were soon dispelled by tear gas, the agency said.
Flanked by a dozen men in military uniforms, the alleged leader of the group, a former National Guard captain, made a video that was posted on social media in which he demanded “a civic and military action to reestablish constitutional order.”
While Sunday’s incident failed to trigger the revolt its organizers intended, it underscores the volatility that still engulfs the country.
Meanwhile, President Nicolas Maduro is moving to keep hold of the institutional reins of power and root out critics. On Saturday, its first day of operations, the newly elected legislature made its priorities clear by removing the dissident chief prosecutor from office and ordering her to stand trial.