Friday, August 4, 2017

An Interesting Chilean Television Show

Alejandro Goic in “Bala Loca.”
Alejandro Goic in “Bala Loca.” CNTV
… a Few Hours, and I’m Craving Dark, Grounded Drama
‘Bala Loca’
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This 10-episode Chilean show (in Spanish, with subtitles) is a hybrid of the antihero drama and the season-long mystery — a meaty, real-world thriller with a stymied 50-something man at the center. Mauro Murillo (Alejandro Goic) spends a lot of time cursing his ruined relationships and sexual shortcomings, feeling frustrated that he now uses a wheelchair, and wondering if he can still live up to his former ideals. He’s a media personality who’s determined to get back to his roots as an investigative reporter, so he assembles a ragtag team. When one of them is shot and killed, Mauro and his team believe it’s anything but random.
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