Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Cementario de la Chacarita en Buenos Aires


Cementerio de la Chacarita

A vast necropolis where you'll find the elaborate mausoleums of Argentinian tango stars. 

Gardel’s mausoleum, an elaborate monument, is one of the most visited tombs in the complex. Fans sometimes leave a lit cigarette in the statue’s hand and the spot is especially popular on his birth anniversary. Chacarita Cemeter contains whole avenues of quirky and impressive mausolea and monuments, and its tango connection doesn’t end with Gardel.

A statue of tango composer Osvaldo Pugliese tapping at the piano stands near Gardel’s grave, and legendary bandoneon player Anibal Troilo is shown with his beloved instrument. Carlos di Sarli, the orchestra leader, too, is buried at Chacarita, as is the poet Alfonsina Storni, whose mausoleum is striking in its style.