Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Paul Lir Alexander Escapes From Brasilian Prison!!!

One of the biggest drug dealers in Brazil's history is again on the loose. The Santa Catarina Paul Lir Alexander, 54, was Justice of Minas Gerais the right to get out of jail to work and disappeared. Spy trained by Mossad - the Israeli Secret Service, he was researcher at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA, Drug Enforcement Administration in English) before entering the world of crime. Outlaw, becomes one of the most wanted outlaws in the continent.Paul found freedom after a team of six lawyers managed to change the system closed for its semi-open prison. In addition to the progression that gives the condemned the right to spend the day out of jail and back to sleep only at night, he also received the benefit of the temporary withdrawal: five "escapes" of seven consecutive days per year. The departure of Paul was determined on July 6, 2010, by Judge Wagner de Oliveira Cavalieri, of the Criminal Court for the District of Contagem, Minas Gerais. On August 11, the dealer has crossed the gate of Penitentiary Jose Maria Alkimin in Ribeirão das Neves, the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte. Should return in a week, but escaped.- The prisoner met the requirements such as good behavior and completion of a sixth of their sentence, the period necessary to receive the benefit. Faced with the assent of the prosecutor, my decision was in accordance with the law - the judge said.On Brazilian soil, Lir was a little over four years in prison, but to get the half open, his lawyers used the 12 years met - the same crimes in the U.S.. Known as Superman and the Po Baron, Alexander came to have a net worth of $ 170 million, in mansions, luxury business rooms, airplanes, farms, residential buildings, tractors, agricultural machinery and a fleet of trucks. Part of this universe of dreams, like the house in Palace Park condominium in Barra da Tijuca, a horse farm and race horses with large manga-walker in Paraiba do Sul, was seized by federal police after his arrest.The business fell into the hands of the police in 1993, the United States, when the DEA discovered that he used his electrical transformer industry in Contagem, in Greater Belo Horizonte, base paste to send cocaine to North America and Europe After serving 12 years in the U.S. for international drug trafficking, were deported to their country of origin. Back in Brazil, was sentenced on April 19, 2006, to 42 years in prison by Judge Joseph Henry Guaracy Rebelo, the 9th Circuit Federal de Minas Gerais. It was in the Nelson Hungria prison in New Count, but as there was compliance with the conditions of this semi-open site, was transferred, as well as its process for Ribeirão das Neves, which he left, never to return.