Thursday, September 1, 2011

We Go To See Our Dog Copernicus's Five Children (Puppies)

My dear readers Elena and I ended the month on a good note. Elena came home from work after seven in the evening. We went one block away to the home of Josh and Candace McDonald here in Pacifica. We saw beautiful ocean views and the American flag blowing in the wind as we approached the house.

We knocked on the door. A very pleasant lady came to the door and welcomed us to her home. The home itself was warm and comfortable on the inside. As we walked in we looked to the right and saw a white baby pen. Inside were five beautiful little puppies. At last we saw the children that our 9.5 year old dog had fathered. We looked to the left as we heard some barking. It was from the mother of these adorable children. Her name si Alice and she is two years old. She is a combination of chihuahua and Boston terrier.

We turned our attention to the puppies. Only one of them looked just like Copernicus. But all of them had the tell tale white paws that are the trade mark of Copernicus. We passed a wonderful thirty minutes playing with the puppies. Candace told us that the puppies would be available for adoption the second week in October. 

We were invited to come back and visit often. We look forward to it.

This new life is such a miracle. Our dog Copernicus was conceived in Argentina. His mother Eloisa was staying with a friend of Elena in Buenos Aires. Eloisa had given birth to a prior litter of puppies. The man in the house in Buenos Aires could not afford to feed the puppies. He did something cruel and unforgivable. He drowned them. 

After this awful loss our dog Eloisa fell pregnant again as a result of being in close proximity to her boy friend Virgilio (A cute and funny white terrier.)

If Eloisa had remained in Buenos Aires and given birth to the next litter of puppies, Copernicus would have died soon after birth.

In December, 2001, just after the awful 9-11 attack, Elena flew from San Francisco to Buenos Aires. Elena had to overcome huge bureaucratic hassles and pay $800 US to get her dog Eloisa on the plane to the US. Eloisa was in the cage in the cargo hold of a big jet. She flew from Buenos Aires to Miami. The cargo hold is not heated and pressurized like the cabin we humans fly in. Eloisa must have been cold and miserable. Eloisa's cage was taken off the plane in Miami. She was put in the cargo hold of another plane bound for San Francisco.

Elena called me when she landed in San Francisco. I made the 46 mile ride from San Jose to the San Francisco airport. I found Elena and we found the cage that Eloisa was in. She was alive and glad to see us. We drove over to US Customs. We found a very nice man on duty. He looked at Eloisa's proof of vaccinations, etc and promptly admitted her to the USA.

With approved paper work in hand, we went around and got Eloisa. We removed her from the cage and put her in the back seat of Elena's new Saturn. Eloisa's nose went up in the air . She knew that she was in a new and a strange place. I got a call from a wonderful an named John Keevan Lynch while we were on the way home.

We brought Eloisa to her new home. Elena and I went out to dinner to celebrate our success in getting Eloisa to the USA.

Soon afterwards we realized that Eloisa was pregnant. She gave birth to five puppies on 10 January, 2002. Copernicus was the first born. He was a sweet little puppy. He would spend hours out on the patio looking upa t the sky. We named him Copernicus after the famous Polish astronomer from 500 years ago.

When testosterone kicked in, Copernicus became a wild and aggressive young man. He started attacking trucks and buses. He would escape and be gone for hours. He did many crazy things including biting several humans. It's a miracle that he has lived to be 9.5 years old. We kidded him that he would be sent to join the US Marines and got to Iraq. He was given the nickname  :”Marine.”

The mother of the puppies weighs only 20 lbs and Copernicus weighs about 60 pounds. We never believed that they would become a couple and be able to have children.

Nature overcomes all obstacles to keep life going. We are so proud of these new additions to our family. Candace and Josh thank you for being wonderful! We will get our new dog just before my birthday #63!!!