Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Some Very Good News From My CT Scan Yesterday!!!!

By the way I got the results of the CT scan from yesterday and it's wonderful news. They had discovered a nodule 1 cm in diameter at the top of my left lung. My primary care doctor and the lung specialist were very concerned because most growths like this are malignant and cause lung cancer. Elena spent 16 years as a cancer doctor. She looked at the scan results from 3 months ago. She did not believe that I had cancer. (Cancerous growths have speckles on them and around them.) She believed that I had a scar on the lung due to an encounter with tuberculosis in Africa. I got my test results from the CT scan yesterday. The growth was noted as "stable." A cancerous nodule would be growing and spreading. This one is not growing. I was told to come back in six months for another CT scan. 

I'm so relieved. Two dear woman friends of ours in their 50's; a doctor and the mayor of Milbrae, California (a lawyer), died of lung cancer.