Sunday, August 7, 2016

Georgia Grimind: Beach Etiquette In Rio de Janeiro


Beach Etiquette

5 August 2016
In a country that is one of the most divided in the world, a merry meeting of all and sundry happens on the silky sands and in the tumbling waves of the Atlantic. Rio’s beaches are famed for their beauty and for the chic and exotic sunbathers that frequent them. The 1970s Brazilian star Tim Maia immortalised the coastline in his hit “From Leme to Pontal”. But that’s not to say there aren’t different territories. Along the coast, numbered postos, or lifeguard stations, mark out where different groups gather. At Posto 9 in Ipanema, for example, the young and fit peacock and flirt. “Posto 8.5”, marked by rainbow flags and washboard stomachs, is the gay hang-out. Posto 10 tends towards sports and by Posto 12 in Leblon, middle- aged men are reading the paper and talking business. Take your pick.