Sunday, November 15, 2015

I'm Literally At The Bottom Of The Earth!!!!!!

My dear friends and loved ones I had the most wonderful grandmother that any man could ever wish for. Her name was Sarah Elizabeth. She lived to be 102 years of age. Some 60 years ago she gave me a pearl of wisdom that I never forgot as follows: "Son don't let the grass grow under your feet!" What she meant was go out and see the world. I took her advice to heart. I'm sure that there are members of the Walters family like me who have also taken her advice to heart. But I have done something that no one in the Walters family has ever done. I have literally made it to the bottom of the earth. I am in the furthest southern city on earth-Ushuaia, Argentina. It is a town of 70,000 literally at the bottom of the earth. If my dear grandmother was alive now, I'm sure that she would be proud of me.