Thursday, January 19, 2012

Woman In Brasil Raped On Live Television

Big Brother woman ‘raped on live TV'

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Police investigation: Both Daniel Echaniz, left, and Monique Amin, right, have been removed from the Big Brother house in Brazil while police investigates claims that Monique was raped after a house party.
A contestant on Brazil’s version of Big Brother is thought to have been raped live on television.
Early Sunday, after a party that was scripted as part of the show, contestant Daniel Echaniz, 31, is alleged to have had sex with Monique Amin, 23, as cameras rolled.
Network officials told local media that authorities were investigating, because Amin apparently was asleep.
Both have denied that to police, they said on Tuesday.
"Both of them did confirm they had consumed alcoholic drinks and that they were aware of their surroundings, and they confirmed touching each other under a comforter," said policeman Antonio Nunes.
Police took the contestants' underwear and sheets from the show set, and the host voted Echaniz off for "inappropriate behaviour”.
The party was televised on Brazil's Globo TV, and showed Echaniz, a model, and Amin, a student, kissing and caressing each other, and another image shows Echaniz under the sheets presumably having sex with Amin who appears not to move.
Amin has said she did not recall a sexual act taking place, local media reported.
The next morning she was asked about the incident in the diary room, and appeared to know little of what had happened.
Police officers later interviewed her for three hours before taking her away for a rape examination.
Makers Endemol have refused to comment. - Daily Mail, AFP
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