Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our Dog Copernicus Has His 10-Year Birthday Luncheon

Copernicus Has His 10-Year Birthday Luncheon At The Distillery In Moss Beach, California

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Yesterday was a magical and a beautiful winter day. We put the dogs in my car and drove to Moss Beach, California. this is a beautiful little community right on the Pacific Ocean. We decided that the dogs needed a walk before going to their birthday luncheon. We found a beautiful trail with some magical views. While Copernicus was off leash, he met a German Shepherd. Things were friendly at first. Then the two dogs got into a fight. We had to put Copernicus back on leash.

We took the dogs to the Distillery Restaurant. It was opened some 80 years ago. During the Great Depression it was a place where people could get illegal alcohol. It was also a hang out for gangsters. It's now a very nice restaurant. It's also dog friendly with a lower-level patio devoted just to dogs and their human companions.

We had to sit on plastic chairs and endure some rough conditions. I had to go up and order the food and drinks and bring much of it down. Despite these hardships, it was a beautiful afternoon with incredible views. The patio was full of other dog lovers. I had fish and chips and Elena had steak. we shared a Cesar salad. The dogs had a small portion of the same steak that  Elena had. Our dog Copernicus ate his part of the steak and then ate the remainder of the Cesar salad. Our dog Cassiopeia at her part of the steak and the the rest of the fruit on Elena's plate. We both got color in our skin due to the sun. We met some interesting people including a lady from Colombia.

We put the dogs back in the car and then went inside to wach the New Orleans Saints play the San Francisco 49'ers. It was the best football game that I had seen in several decades. I warned Elena that the 49'ers do their best work in the last couple of minutes of a football game. They were true to form and made a touch down with 9 seconds left to win 36-32, We watched a glorious sunset.

This was amagical celebration of ten years of life for Copernicus. It was a celebration of his love and devotion to us for a decade. It was a magical day with magical memories that we will treasure always.The people at the Distillery Restaurant were wonderful hosts.