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One Hundred Years Ago Brasil Ruptures Relations With Germany


1917: Brazil Ruptures Relations With Germany

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RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazil’s rupture of diplomatic and commercial relations with Germany was decided upon, at a Cabinet meeting which was held at night and lasted a little more than two hours.
It is reported from an authentic source that Senhores C. Maximiliano Pereirados Santos, J. Pandia Calogeras and José Bezerra, respectively Ministers of the Interior, Finance and Agriculture, advocated the immediate severance of relations with Germany. General José Caetano de Faria, Minister of War, and Admiral A. Faria de Alencar, Minister of Marine, urged a declaration of war and the seizure of all German ships in Brazilian ports. Dr. Lauro Muller, Minister of Foreign Affairs, however, expressed himself in favor of demanding satisfaction from Germany, including the punishment of the submarine commander and the payment of an indemnity to the families of the Parana victims. He is said to have advised the rupture of relations only in the event of Germany refusing to meet this demand.
The majority of the Cabinet members, however, pressed for an immediate rupture and carried the day. At 11.15 at night the news of the break was communicated to a crowd of many thousands gathered outside the old Imperial Palace. It was received with an immense acclamation, and a monster parade was organized on the spot and marched through the streets to the accompaniment of enthusiastic cheering. Many persons carried the Allied flags, and all sang the national hymn and the “Marseillaise.”— The New York Herald, European Edition, April 12, 1917