Wednesday, April 26, 2017

An Ironical Story From The San Bruno California Pipeline Explosion Almost 7 YEars ago

Dr. Maria de Punzio is the wonderful vet who treats Alfred and Alice. She also treated Copernicus in the final year of his life. She always does a wonderful job. She is competent, had good intuition, handles animals well and is wonderful when listening to the human companions and explaining complicated medical concepts.
Yesterday she told me a fascinating and chilling story "In a past life," she worked for the California Utility Commission. She left and went to veterinary school. A colleague, Jacqueline Grieg, stayed behind and spent her career with the California Public Utilities Commission. She lived at 1670 Claremont Drive in San Bruno. She worked with natural gas pipeline safety. When the pipeline exploded on September 10, 2010 she and her 13-year old daughter Janessa were killed instantly.