Sunday, June 19, 2016

In Exile In Argentina And Accused of Murder Kurt Sonnenfeld Defends Himslef

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(Communiqué from the family Sonnenfeld)

CBS is not truthful. The program “48 Hours” has an agenda to misinform.

The program “48 Hours” has intentionally excluded important, FACTUAL testimony from several people, most notably defense attorney Carrie Thompson. In addition, the producers of “48 Hours” were provided with contact information for many other people who also could have provided testimony toward Kurt’s innocence. Nonetheless, those witnesses absence is obvious, because the producers ignored them.

Instead, they opted to parade in front of their camaras people with strong incentives to lie. No evidence provided, no fact-checking by CBS, just uncontested lie after lie after lie. Hmm. It appears CBS has an agenda to cement the “official narrative” and to skew public perception.

For example: “48 Hours” implied that the police and investigators did not see a suicide note. That's very strange, because back in June of 2002, they told the Rocky Mountain News that they HAD SEEN THE NOTE (see photo below). Lt. Jon Priest even provided a quote specifically referring to the note. Erin Moriarity and her producers purposefully supressed that information.

“48 Hours” also implied that Kurt had time to “clean up”. However, there is no evidence to back up that claim. The first police report says that the smell of gunpowder was still in the air (because they arrived within 6 minutes) and that there was NO indication whatsoever of a struggle nor of anything having been “cleaned up”. But “48 Hours” did not bother to press for any corroborating evidence. Wet rags? Wet bar of soap? Wet towels? Water in or around the sink? Nothing in the trashcans? Paper towels? No? Nothing? But “48 Hours” didn’t find the need to ask any of these simple questions and instead allowed the implication to masquerade as fact.

These are only a few of the many examples of 48 Hours' intentionally dishonest mishandling of this story.

Erin Moriarty presented herself as having been “shocked” that Kurt and Paula’s daughters, Scarlett and Natasha, were allowed to be on the program. And yet, at the same time, Erin is there on her set, dishonestly campaigning to have their father unjustly ripped away from them, traumatizing them for life, destroying their family. The girls - bravely and on their own initiative - asked to be present to help to defend against this threat. In any other dire situation, such as a medical emergency, their actions would be applauded. This is the same.

Mainstream media has fallen into the hands of a small group of self-interested multinationals, who control and spin information to the public in ways that benefit only themselves and the servile government which supports and protects them. Most of the time, revealing the truth is definitely NOT in their best interests.

We must no longer believe what they tell us.
Yeçaìra McAllister Kurt don't pay no mind to these fools in the US I know you are innocent 100%!! And I'm glad you are free as you should be!! I live in the states I know how corrupt it is I've experienced similar experience myself! ! #freekurt #justicforall#wrongfullyconvicted #livertad !!
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Luigi Lovecchio Lei tu libro, El Perseguido, conozco las mentiras de los medios, Kurt Sonnenfeld.
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Gustavo Bagú Godspeed Kurt!!!
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Jack Waldbewohner Kurt you are in that rare group of people including Fidel Castro who have defeated the massive power of the USA. You are a clever man. It is highly possible that your late wife committed suicide. Less possible is that you two got into a violent fight and a terrible mistake happened. In the worst case this is a manslaughter case. 48 Hours is trying to force the Macri to void Cristina's political asylum order and send you back to the US.Yes 48 Hours has an agenda!!!!!
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