Monday, February 10, 2014

An Original Perspective On The Problems In Argentina

There is a lot of one sided information in this article and it is highly hypocritical.

1) This struggle has 200 years. It is not a recent event.
2) 60% of the Argentine economy is in the hands of multinational companies that take more back home than they invest and export (no wander we have a Dollar shortage)
3) Third the monetary emission has been mild compare to the Euro and the Dollar over the last 10 years.
4) The reason we are importing oil is that Menem sold the Spaniards YPF and they stopped investment and took all the profit abroad to develop other areas in the world with the Argentinian profits
5) Car making is booming and exporting ; but they are sucking billions a year in reerves
6) 90% of the grain is sold by 15 companies (Cargill, Monsato, Nidera, Bunge)  and the first six concentrate more than 60%
7) The grain producers speculate retaining the grain and forcing the devaluation of the currency  (This is a historical fact. No wander in Canada and Australia the grain exports were controlled by the state) 
8) There are many more to tell about.
9) This group owns the media and they are very well connected throughout the world 

The explanation is simple; the multinationals were making over 30% profit and know down to the 20%  so this is "unbearable", just making twice as much as in the developed countries !
So as you can see is an uphill fight especially when Have do not accept the Have not getting a piece of the cake.
Remember that for over 200 years (with some short exceptions) the exporter/importers got their way  against the industrial nation crushing every effort we made to change . 
Now we had a good run for the last ten years and they had to relinquish some percentage of their incredible earnings,  so as I said before "this is unbearable"  
Well I hope this info is useful to you and gives another insight of what is going on.
Best Regards