Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Buenos Aires Lady Gets Some Empanadas

Elena is a Buenos Aires lady who loves her empanadas. (For those of you not familiar with South American food these are pastries filled with meat, cheese, etc and baked) The best vendor of this delightful food in the Bay Area is El Porteno. Sadly one can only find them in the Ferry Building in San Francisco,at farmer's markets and sometimes at Whole Foods. It's always along car ride with traffic and parking hassles to find these.

I ordered three dozen and had them delivered to the house. Luah and Elena pointed out that nothing takes the pace of fresh food. I agree with them. But thanks to Costco we have a wonderful food packaging system that takes all of the air out of a package before it's frozen. Using this system food can last up to 2 years and taste relatively fresh.
Elena will be able to enjoy empanadas at lunch and we can all have them at night.