Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Great Little Novel About The Dirty War in Argentina

I am a survivor of two military governments-Peru and Brasil during the 1970's. Peru's military government was benign with more intimidation than actual violence. Brasil's military government did some violent things but a lot of people were merely sent into exile. I only personally knew of one person who disappeared in Brasil in 1970. Elena lived through the military government in Argentina. It was monstrous. It could be compared to the reign of terror of the Nazis. Over 30,000 people disappeared. Children were robbed from their parents and property illegally taken on a grand scale.

It is hard to come to terms with what we lived through. When I go to Argentina the thought always goes through my mind as follows: "How could such nice and civilized people had done such terrible things?"

I just finished reading a charming little novel translated from Spanish with the title "My Father's Ghost Is Climbing In The Rain." It is by a 38 year old Argentine writer named Patricio Pron. This book touched my heart. It showed me all of the conflicts and pain of the young people who grew up after that horrible time and had to come to grips with the horrors that their parents lived through.