Friday, August 12, 2011

The Fim Cowboys And Aliens

Yesterday the stress of work on the remodel of the hosue got a bit much for me. I decided to take the morning off. I went to Tanforan Mall. I had a Starbuck's coffee and and early Chinese lunch. I then went to see the film Cowboys and Aliens.
The critics had said that it was an entertaining 1950's genre science fiction film. I was expecting some escapist entertainment and I got that. I also got a lot more. Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig did a great job as the masculine "heavies" in the film. However the whole show was stolen by a 30-year old unknown actress named Abigail Spencer. She played an alien from a planet that had been destroyed by the aliens menacing the people in this small western town. She was the strong female character in the film. She gave all of the humans encouragement and support when they thought they were defeated. Later she destroyed the alien ship by blowing herself up also.
The American Indians in the film were also a huge and a positive surprise. They had dignity and incrediuble intelligence. They came up with better tactics to battle the aliens than Harrison Ford who played a retired Union Army colonel from the American Civil War.
This is a great little film that you will remember always and treasure