Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Venezuela Supreme Court Refuses To Stop Constitution Rewroite


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Venezuela’s Supreme Court on Monday rejected Chief Prosecutor Luisa Ortega Diaz’s motion to squash President Nicolas Maduro’s bid to rewrite the constitution.
Protests continued across the country, with demonstrators marching toward the high court to protest its refusal to stop the special assembly tasked with rewriting the constitution, the Associated Press reported.
As has become common over the past two months – during which at least 68 people have been killed – pro-government armed groups clashed with protesters and journalists near the Supreme Court.
The ongoing protests erupted after the Maduro-friendly Supreme Court stripped the opposition-controlled National Assembly of its powers in March, and have continued despite the reversal of that decision. The protesters demand a new presidential election. But Maduro has instead formed a special assembly to rewrite the constitution – a move the opposition and international observers decry as a power grab.
Ortega Diaz, who held Venezuela’s small blue constitution book in her hands as she claimed Maduro’s assembly is a threat to democracy last week, has emerged as one of his most trenchant critics within the government.