Monday, September 5, 2016

Wake Me When It's Over

OK everyone, many of us have heard that old saying: "Wake me when it's over." This is how I feel about the presidential election. What I see coming is two months of incredible dirt and hatred. I see great polarization and the United States being torn apart. If Hillary Clinton wins, Trump will mount all sorts of protests and court actions claiming that the election is rigged. If Trump wins many people will leave the country for good. The whole world will be frightened and waiting "for the other foot to drop." I wish that I could escape to my favorite little town in Patagonia-El Calafate. It has only 25,000 people but a beautiful international airport and an incredible three-story hospital. People are nice and really like Americans. Quite a number of them speak English. All I would take with me besides warm clothes would be my Surface Pro notebook, my hand written journal, my meds, and a nice picture of Elena, Anna, and Luah. I would rent a clean room or stay at the hotel of friends with a long-term deal and a much lower rent. After breakfast each morning I would take a long walk for my exercise. There is a delightful coffee shop in downtown where they have great food and every one hangs out. I would have a long and leisurely lunch. Then I would go back to my room for a rest and come out in the evening and mingle with all of the people on the main street (Many are Americans.) I would have some nice drinks and company.
If Hillary won I would return. If Trump won well I would already be, as the title of the book from England long ago: "Far From The Maddening Crowd." Elena would have to decide her next move. (As the words of the song go: "Should I go or should I stay?")
The book Catch-22 is about a World War II B-26 crew. At the end of the book Captain Yossarian decides to fly his B-26 to Sweden and seek political asylum to escape the war. In a figurative sense I am ready to fly my B-26 far from a mad war.