Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ex Latin American Presidents In Prison

   Earlier this month Elena and I were in Lima, Peru. Were were talking to a dear friend Eduardo. He told us about the prison conditions that former President Fujimori has in Peru. Basically he does not serve time in prison. He is under house arrest on a military base. He has gourmet meals and wears nice civilian clothes. Staff and family can visit him as he wishes. His medical care is far better than most Peruvians get. The list goes on.

    Likewise here in the US when former Panama President Manuel Noriega was in prison in Miami, he was on the grounds of a Federal prison. But he did not serve time with other inmates. He had his own private apartment with luxuries no other prisoner would dream of having. Family members and friends could come and visit him anytime that he wanted. He had all the latest newspapers and publications delivered to him each morning. As they say in English :"He did easy time."

   Lula and Dilma are going to be arrested and found guilty of some corruption charges. Rest assured that the two ex-presidents will be housed away from other inmates and have a luxury life like the other ex-presidents mentioned above.