Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Report From Patagonia

It is now 20 days into my South American adventure. I am in the small town of Villa La Angostura. it is one hour from Bariloche and on a beautiful lake. it is small and charming. It is a place to escape from the pressures of life. I have had a wonderful two days here. Elena wanted me to take a close look at it. There is potential as a place to spend a part of the year. Later this morning I get on a bus for the five hour ride to San martin de los Andes. I will pass through one of the most beautiful parts of Patagonia, The Seven Lakes Region. Unfortunately the road is not always paved so I will be bouncing around a bit. I will spend a week in San Martin de los Andes. Then I will return to Bariloche. I will catch an Aerolinas Argentina flight to El Calafate. This is a beautiful small town with glaciers all about. Argentina's current president has her ranch there. I will spend a week in this beauty. I will then take a one hour flight to Ushuaia. This is the most southern town on earth. I will have a week there also. I will be back in California for Thanksgiving and a happy reunion with Elena.

In almost three weeks in South America, I have seen Peru that is still booming, Brasil hat is slipping into a Great Depression like the 1930's, and Argentina in the grips of inflation like the Weimar Republic in Germany in the 1930's. Despite the challenges people get on with their lives and have incredible spirit and resourcefulness.

Argentina just finished the first round of voting in a presidential election. Now there will be a presidentail debate and a run off election.