Sunday, July 13, 2014

Argentina Will Win Today In Rio de Janeiro

Now I am going to make a prediction on the game tomorrow. Elena says it's a 60% chance that Germany will win and a 40% chance that Argentina will win. One can see predictions like this all over the world.

Truly Germany has the best team. They also have huge financial resources, etc. I am not that rabid soccer fan who pours over pages of statistics,player data, and sports history.

I rely on 65.5 years of life experience and study of history. The Argentina team shares something with the great military leader from long ago, Alexander the Great. The team has incredible tactical smarts and discipline. Alexander the Great defeated much larger forces by drawing them into traps and surrounding them. One can study other battles such as many the North Vietnamese fought against the French, the Americans, and later the Chinese. George Washington's masterful military skills are another example. Look for Argentina to show some brilliant tactical skills, great defense, and ferocious fighting that will carry them to victory.

This one could go to 0-0 right until the end. Get ready for a brilliant game that will be remembered for decades afterwards.