Sunday, June 2, 2013

Joao Santos Celebrates A Special Day!

Joao Santos is 44 years old today. He's an amazing man. He started life in one of Brasil's awful slums that are locally known as favelas. He used to go to the airport in Goiania and watch the planes taking off and landing. He dreamed of being able to fly away and see the world. His dreams came true. He first went to Sao Paulo and learned English. He caught the attention of some American missionaries. They recognized his talent and good character. He soon found himself in San Jose, California studying at San Jose City College. He married his sweetheart Djenane. They began their life in Silicon Valley. Joao got his BA degree at Golden Gate University. Djenane earned her BA at San Jose State University. Joao went on to get an MBA at San Jose State University. He and Djenane moved back to Goiania, Brasil. They bought an apartment and started their life in their hometown. Later a beautiful child named Bianca came into their lives. Joao you have come a long way and overcome a lot of obstacles. This is your special day!! Please enjoy it and be proud of yourself for what you have accomplished in life.