Friday, May 11, 2012

The Malvinas Saved A Drug Smuggler From Extradition To Argentina

I watched an episode of Locked Up Abroad. It was about a British woman caught in Buenos Aires with a suitcase full of cocaine. She was given bail and even put in a youth hostel. For some reason the police came to take her back to jail. She escaped without a passport and took local buses up to the border with Brasil. She swam to Brasil and made a report of a lost passport. She got an emergency passport at the British consulate in Sao Paulo. She made it back to England and thought that she was home free. Two years later she was arrested on an international warrant from Argentina. England considered the extradition until early 2012 and then rejected the request for the lady’s return to Argentina. I suspect that the rejection of the extradition request had something to do with the fight between Argentina and England over the Falkland Islands. This young lady had incredible good luck. But she is stuck in England for the rest of her life. If she went to some other country she would be sent back to Argentina and sent to prison for sixteen years. If she did not have a lot of money for bribes her jail time would be very unpleasant.