Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Health Insurance In Patagonia

Health insurance called prepagado is available at local hospitals and clinics. You need to make sure, if you have a special condition where the best care is available because this type of insurance does not travel. You have to be treated at the place you pay your payments.  That being said if your leg falls off they are responsible for sticking it back on with no extra payments. There is a national plan that actually covers travelers in Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, as well as Argentina. I was quoted at under 50usd monthly for my family in the local plan, and under a 100usd for the Mercosur (international) plan. Prescription drugs are NOT covered, but are a fraction of USA prices. Some experimental drugs (like tamoxifen or irumidex) are about the same as USA prices. My prescriptions were reduced by over 50%. Bariloche has homes from $20,000usd and up. Prices were originally one peso equals one US dollar, so your buying power is trebled. A decent meal at Rock Chicken on Palacios St. can be had for $2 or $3usd including a soda. An incredible sirloin feast at El Boliche de Alberto with wine and dessert is $10usd. If you go to Albertos remember to split salads and potatoes. Grocery stores have a good selection of foods and questions were answered with a smile.