Friday, July 22, 2011

A Day Full Of Trials

A Day Full Of Trials

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I took Copernicus for a walk along the beach. As we started on the beach, the dog sighted a squirrel running among the rocks. A nanosecond later Copernicus sprung and killed the animal. He took it in his mouth as a trophy. He did not try to eat it. Perhaps he was not hungry. Other onlookers on the beach were fascinating by what was unfolding. Copernicus soon lost interest in the dead animal and left it on the trail. I had been taking photos with my mobile phone camera. I was not watching where I was going. I stepped in a hole. I had a nasty fall that twisted my right knee and bloodied both hands. Copernicus came to my side and was sicking me and trying to help me. I forced myself up. I was tempted to go home. I decided to continue my walk in hopes tha the walk would correct some of the pain.

I came home with the dog. The contractor was hard at work putting the roof on the replacement room in the house. We talked and he went back to work. He told me a few moments later that a UPS person was at the front door. I secured Copernicus.

I went out and talked to the UPS driver. He admitted that he was the driver who delivered my missing Omega Speedmaster watch. He told me that he was frightened of the dog. He admitted that he had thrown the package containing the watch on the porch. He did not mention that he never got my signature. He did an extensive search. We could not find the package. He offered to pay me $200 per month for the loss. It would have taken me over 8 months to collect. I rejected this suggestion. I told him that I was going to get the payment from the UPS insurance. He said that he believed that the package gad been stolen after it was delivered. He suggested that I call the police. He then left. I knew that his negligence caused theloss.

I then talked to State Fram Insurance. They set up a claim number and told me it was withithin my limit and I would not get any penalty for the claim. I was instructed to call the Pacifica Police.

I prepared a police report and called the Pacifica Police. I thought I could fax the report. Since the amount of the loss was grand theft, officers would have to come out and take a report. I gave the dispatcher my details. About an hour later Corporal V. Romero and Officer Munro showed up. They took a detailed report and a lot of documentation. They asked for pictures of the watch. I agreed to get those and bring them to the Pacifica Police headquarters.

I contacted Topper Jewelers. Robert Caplan sent me the full picture and serial number details. I printed this information. I took it over to the Pacifica Police Department.

I came home and took more calls on the loss including some of the contractors who were not happ because they were interviewed by the police.

A call came in from Stgate