Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Great Victory Against Pay Pal

On Tuesday 6 April, 2011 I was at the Melrose Hotel in Washington, DC. I got a call a voice mail from a lady named April at Pay Pal. I called back and the call went right through to her. We had a delightful one hour phone conversation.  She apologized on behalf of Pay Pal for the problem I had with the locked up card in Bariloche, Argentina. She agreed toa $500 credit to my Pay Pal account. I talked to her at length about all of the dangers of locking up a card when a customer was oversreas. I focused on the dangers of getting a criminal charge for defrauding an inn keeper. We left on good terms. How sweet it was. On Wednesday 13 April I get interviewed by Julie Watt of CBS 5 News in San Francisco at my home about this matter.