Monday, March 14, 2011

In South America

In South America

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I am still in Bariloche, Argentina. If you die and go to heaven this must be what it is like. Last week I explored the city. I joined with Alicia Basualdo of Van Ditmar Properties to look at several properties. I found the 2 bedroom apartment that is the property of my dreams. I have made a tentative offer and am hoping for the best.

I had some wonderful meals and discovered that the people here are very friendly and courteous. There is little or no street crime. Saturday I rode a city bus oput to a place called Llao Llao. It is the site of an incredible 5-star hotel truly for the rich and famous. I climbed a steep hill to get to another hotel in the area. I ate lunch in its dining room. My table was right by the balcony with the most fabulous view of a lake that I have seen in my life. If that was my moment to die, I would die happy.

My wife Elena also returned to our home in Pacifica. our dear sick dog Eloisa is still alive and holding on. I pray that she makes it.

Now I am off to explore the small city.